Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yesterday I had a little secret.
The picture was a part of a present
for my little nephews birthday party:
I made a kind of frame with collected items from all over the world.
I've been there, these were till yesterday my own little treasures.
My nephew is a little boy with an eye for details.
Sometimes when I was with him,
it was like we walked in a fairy tale.
It was not easy to find a nice present,
I could n't just buy something.
But I also did n't know what to do else.
I sat down at my desk and started to draw a bit in charcoal
I felt the urge to start to draw something with pastel crays.
And there it was:
A little boy in the whole wide world.....
I felt this was not enough.....
I thought about my trips in the whole wide world.
And I though about my problems with throwing things away:
I can't, haha.
And the present was born.
This is the result of that proces.

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