Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My dream (II)
I’d like to tell you the story of my life.Not today, but one day…… 
It reads like a never-ending story.
 I told more then once about my favourite tree:
the strangler fig tree
 I have a lot of explanations about this strange connection
between that tree and me.
But today I discovered a new story related to that tree. 
Someone (Sophie, ofcourse) asked me “How big is your pot?” 
It was a metaphor for
'how much can you grow if you stay always in the same environment.'
 Well I discovered that I didn’t grow up in a pot. 
I realised that I was born and raised ‘down’,
just like a strangler fig tree. 
This tree starts with a little seed in the top of a (palm) tree, lost by a bird.
 It grows in that top, it makes roots which grow to the earth. 
When these roots grow in the earth, the earth opens, de roots go deep down. 
The roots split rocks, the roots never ever stop growing. 
After many years then is no palm anymore. 
Instead of that you see a lot of look-a-like trees:
all those roots became bigger and bigger. 
And after a hundred years and more, you’ll find a kind of little wood.
This is just one tree.This is me, this is my life.My life is built like this. 
I was not grounded when I was young. 
I had no identity. 
I had different roots; 
I had a lot of different stories. 
My life reads like a never-ending story.
 In the beginning I was nobody.
But after hundreds of years everybody 
~ will read my life 
~ like what I created 
~ take a little seed with them 
~ and spread love and understandingI guess this is my real dream

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  1. How wonderful and inspiring your tree-path is. By sharing your story, your real dream is reaching others now. This is beautiful and I am honored to be part of it. Continue to shine Rainbow Woman. We need that light.