Friday, February 24, 2012


an orchid is a symbol for love, wealth and beauty
you see it often at a wedding

but when a angel becomes a fallen angel
when the relation aint good anymore
of when it's finished
everybody  talkes about all what was wrong

I believe this picture of that fallen angel is only a mirror
look at this
(a mirrored orchid)
what do you see when
the angel in your life becomes a fallen angel
look at the center

this picture shows the 'self'
and not that fallen angel

I believe that strong negative words afterwards
create a bad atmosphere
even if the fallen angel in not in your life anymore
your behaviour and words will push people away
I believe that this can change
if you try to remember the good parts of that fallen angel
you were once in love
try to remember why

and look at the orchid
when mirroring again
(top and bottom) 

'the kiss'
even in the center there is a kissing mouth

strange, don't you think?
your life will know love again

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful metaphor.
    Thanks for being an inspiring mirror.
    Continue to write rainbow woman and to share your thoughts with us.
    Love and load of Magic to you.